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Answers to Common Concerns


How do I refill or order prescriptions?

Lots of options:

-Bring your prescription into the pharmacy

-Have your doctor fax the prescription directly to us

-We can transfer a prescription from any other pharmacy in Canada. Just let us know where you had it last and we will take it from there.

Do you fill prescriptions?

You bet!!! We are a full service pharmacy. Prescriptions are an integral part of how we service the community.

Do you provide Vaccinations?

Yes, we offer the seasonal flu vaccination along with many travel vaccinations. Give us a call or stop in for more information.

I am visiting from the USA (or other country) can I refill my medication?

Prescription medications must be prescribed by a Canadian physician to be considered legal. If visiting from another country a prescription will need to be obtained from a Canadian physician. 
Contact us for options, including the Sun Peaks Health Centre.

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